Softwares designed for education

Intuitive, the SQOOL-Suite facilitates the use of all education actors: CSS, administrators, teachers, and students.

A software suite designed with French-speaking teachers

The SQOOL-Suite is designed in France by UNOWHY teams and with feedback from French-speaking teachers. They operate to develop an ecosystem of apps accessible at school, as well as at home.

Simple and intuitive, it facilitates the use of all education actors and integrates into existing digital ecosystems in institutions: infrastructure, networks, and work environment.

The four softwares of the SQOOL-Suite



Effectively manage the equipment fleet of a CSS and its establishments.

Key features:

  • View the entire fleet of terminals​
  • Control Android and Windows devices
  • Manage organizations and establishment accounts
  • Manage user terminals (individual, collective)​
  • Track usage with dashboards
  • Deploy resources remotely (WiFi, filtering, applications)

SQOOL Classe

Follow the activity of your class and highlight the work of your students.

Key features:

  • View all screens
  • Highlight the work of 1 student
  • Refocus attention

SQOOL Partage

Store, organize and share documents with your students.

Key features:

  • Organize documents
  • View contents in the browser
  • Share documents
  • Collect students’ homework

SQOOL Applications

Enrich student learning with 100% secure apps.

Key features:

  • Find and view apps​
  • Install an application in one click
  • Request a paid app
  • Suggest a new app

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