Open Trusted Cloud

UNOWHY has partnered with OVH Cloud to ensure secure hosting and data storage in France for all our solution users.

partner of the
Open Trusted Cloud

An ecosystem based on strong values

UNOWHY offers Cloud solutions for hosting and data storage in France. These solutions comply with the CNIL directives and the requirements of the GPDR. With the Open Trusted Cloud label, UNOWHY confirms its commitment to trust and respect for the rights and fundamental freedoms of each user.

Our shared values


Comply with the CNIL and ANSSI directives, as well as the requirements of the GPDR.



European Code of Conduct

Follow a European CISPE “code of conduct” on data protection and data reversibility facilitated by the European Commission




Uphold the law and fundamental freedoms for all users of our solutions



A framework of trust
for our users

Guaranteeing data sovereignty.


UNOWHY hosts all its solutions at OVH Cloud to guarantee the sovereignty of your data.
The student benefits from a trustworthy working environment supervised by his teacher.

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