Microsoft Education

UNOWHY is committed, with Microsoft Education, to supporting teachers and their students by providing a wide range of devices for collaboration, exploration, and personalized learning.

Windows 10 Education

from Microsoft

Preparing students for tomorrow’s world

UNOWHY computers come with the Windows 10 Education interfaceIt provides an efficient and secure environment, making education more accessible.

With Windows 10 Education, teachers can provide personalized learning experiences for their students.

Unleashing limitless learning


Affordable and easily accessible technology

Affordable digital equipment designed for blended learning.

Better learning outcomes

Applications to guide students in their online and offline learning.

A transformation of time spent in the classroom

Collaborative tools to facilitate administrative tasks and exchanges between students and teachers.

Safe learning

The Microsoft Education platform is perfectly secure
and supports you every step of the way.

To go further…

Microsoft tools created for better learning outcomes and easier collaboration

Learn more about Microsoft Education tools:

Office 365 Education

Office 365 Education

Office 365 is Microsoft's online collaboration platform. Students and teachers benefit from a complete range of tools and services: note-taking (OneNote), software such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint...


Microsoft Teams is a customisable and secure platform that brings together people, conversations, content and several applications (such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint...) to work in groups in a single communication and sharing space.

Shape the Future Program

Low prices on Microsoft Windows licences

Shape the Future Program prepares students for the future.

Take advantage of a special pricing offer on Windows licenses when purchasing more than 1,000 devices for your primary and secondary schools.

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