Devices Y

UNOWHY’s eLearning offering includes a range of sleek, user-friendly laptops and tablets designed to support students in the classroom and at home.



Our innovative Y range of devices incorporates innovative features, with a modern user-friendly design. Offering an unbeatable tradeoff between size, weight and power, our tablets and laptops are suitable for even the most intensive use.

Designed for education

Our Y devices have been specially developed to meet the changing needs of students and the reality of today’s classrooms, for all educational levels.



Our devices are designed to host educational software suites and school administration platforms for managing large installed bases.

The Y range of devices

SQOOL Tablet

Robust and adapted to school use, the SQOOL tablet will accompany the student in class or at home.

Y10 PREMIUM Tablet

Slim, design and elegant, the new Y10 PREMIUM tablet is a concentrate of power and fluidity. It offers students an unmatched experience thanks to its full HD screen and its high-performance processor.

Hybride Y11 360°

This 11-inch mini computer features a 360-degree hinge, so it can be used either as a desktop or a tablet.

Y13 Ultraportable PC Laptop

Designed for intensive use, this extremely slender, ultraportable laptop delivers optimal performance and battery life.



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