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With its practical kitchen-friendly design and exclusive content and services, the pioneering QOOQ tablet quickly has been a firm favourite for food lovers for more than ten years.

a unique cooking experience

Home cooking made easy for everyone !

QOOQ, the world’s first-ever culinary tablet, has found a home in thousands of kitchens. With a catalogue of over 5,000 exclusive recipes from celebrated Chefs, it inspires families every day.

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The QOOQ Tablet

QOOQ Ultimate, the fifth-generation QOOQ tablet, is the only AndroidTM tablet designed to survive the wear and tear of the kitchen, thanks to its unique spill-proof, non-slip design.

The QOOQ tablet comes complete with an exclusive culinary offering for an inspiring home cooking experience. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, choose from thousands of recipes from acclaimed chefs, explained in failsafe, step-by-step instructions, plus videos demonstrating culinary techniques, to improve your talents in the kitchen.

The QOOQ online experience

Exclusive QOOQ Chefs recipes follow you everywhere !

From your account, discover all the QOOQ Chef recipes, add them to your favorites and create your custom cooking program !

Culinary tablet in the world
Exclusive recipes from acclaimed chefs
French and international chefs



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